A young talent needs your support

Show Your Support

Your donation will help push Tujenge Art Kenya projects. These projects help nature young talents across Kenya. Whether its music, painting or crafts. You can donate paint brushes, musical instruments, finances or to the best of your ability

How you can help

Donate Funds.

You can donate funds to the initiative #TujengeArtKenya . This fund will go to different kinds of projects that the organizations will be running. Some of this projects include Tujenge Vijana County tour, Children’s home color projects, renovate our back streets project, Mental therapeutic walk project and many more.

Paybill details.

Acc no. 510800
Acc name: Tujenge

Donate Art Supplies

You can donate different art supplies that may include paints, brushes, canvas, wood, art easels, papers, artifacts etc. . This material will go to less fortunate artist in the organisation and young minds that would be interested in art as a career.

Donate showcase space / opportunity.

One can give out a platform where we can showcase and display artworks. This platform can be office space, social and corporate events, government functions, street projects and many more.

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