About Us

This is a social enterprise that provides a platform for Kenyan youth in visual art and gives them access to markets and empowering the industry. These visual artists include creatives, Photographers, artistic crafters and handworks, as well as artisans and provides them with platforms to

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Our areas of focus


Our main aim is to bring youth all over Kenya through art in order to erase our forefathers negative vice of tribalism, nepotism and all other forms of prejudice. To go about this, we intend to create forums in different counties so as to be in line with the government’s agenda of devolution.


Tujenge Art sources and create platform for visual artist to showcase and sell their artworks and pieces, In Moving gallery module – We move from one platform to another after a period of time, this can be corporate events, social events, expos, exhibitions, business premises, hotels and any open space that is potentially available for our artists to sell.


Tujenge Art markets and brands an artist and his/her artworks via different media we create like Online blogs, media interviews, website sell and social media. We also sell the art via the online shop for visual artistry works and the physical platforms that we go to.


Tujenge Art organizes art workshops, programs and seminars that helps the visual artist in understanding the art industry and business in Kenya and also the international market.


Tujenge Art create different kind of opportunities and platforms for the youth and women in the art industry. Sourcing corporate, government NGOs and business contacts. Partnering with other organizations in social projects that help the society be better using creative visual artistry.


Tujenge Art does advocacy in the art and creative industry by lobbying policy, regulations and law that affect the industry. In this way plan to champion, source and push for an amendment bill in parliament of Kenya in 2020 that will help improve the art industry and structure.
We educate visual artists in Art Business – where to sell, how to price, how one markets and many more


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